Thanks to his Berber origins, Mustapha was drawn to specialize in difficult-to-find Berber tribal carpets.   Often called carpet paintings, these carpets are a reflection of the creator as she reaches deep into her thoughts, dreams and daily life. They tell a story of her most intimate secrets. Mustapha chooses the richest stories in blended colors, exemplified in the three main styles on display.  Each style has its own unique characteristics. As is true with the finest art, all carpets are one of a kind. The styles are:

Middle Atlas carpets such as Zemmour, Zaer, Zaiane, Beni Ourain, etc.
High Atlas carpets such as Ait Ouaouzguite, Ait Bou Ichaouen, Azilal, etc.
Anti-Atlas carpets such as Zenaga, Beni Yacoub, etc.
A passionate expert in his field, Mustapha will transport you into the world of carpets and lead you to discover all their beauty.

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